Afterschool Academy

Afterschool Academy

Afterschool Academy 2019-2020

Registration opens April 1st, 2019.  Click on the branch location to the right to register.

YMCA Afterschool Academy is designed to help kids in every community succeed developmentally and academically. At the Y, kids are cultivating the values, skills, and relationships that lead to better achievement in the classroom, positive behaviors, and social skills.

The Y’s curriculum framework—created in partnership with national experts in youth development programming—offers comprehensive, age-appropriate, engaging programming.  Click here to learn more about our 9 core components.
Program Details
Students in Afterschool Academy will engage in:

• Academic Enrichment 30 minutes a day
• College and Career Exploration 2 times per month
• 21st Century Skills 2 times per week
• Service Learning 1x per quarter
• Art Education 1 hour per week
• Leadership Development 2 hours per week
• Health and Wellness 30 minutes a day
• Global Learning and Inclusion 1 hour per week
• Parent and Family Engagement Nights 3 times per year

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