Guest Guidelines

The YMCA Welcomes Visitors

  • Guests of the Y may use the facilities by using a staff-issued guest pass or by accompanying an active YMCA member.
  • Guests must be with the member during visits.
  • The member must be 19 years of age or older, and will be responsible for guest during the visit.
  • A photo ID for the guest must be provided at each visit.
  • Maximum of 2 guests per member per visit.
  • A guest of a member may visit the Birmingham association no more than 3 times per calendar year.
  • Additional 3 visits may be allowed for a $15-day fee.
  • Each visit must be registered in the computer for tracking purposes.
  • Out of town guests without a member or a guest pass are allowed a maximum of 3 visits at $15 per visit
  • Individual branches may impose additional fees or limits based on capacity.
  • If Guest is under the age of 19 and visiting with a Member age 14-18, the Guest Waiver must be presented at check-in and signed by the Guest’s parent or legal guardian.
  • All other Member/Guest age guidelines apply regarding facility and pool access.