7th Grade Membership Initiative

7th Grade Membership Initiative

FREE YMCA Memberships for 7th Graders

Why 7th Grade?

We know the 7th grade is a pivotal and transitional time for youth. The transition into adolescence is one of the most dynamic and influential periods of development, as children undergo broad changes. This period is also a critical time where key interventions can have positive long-term outcomes. The YMCA is a safe space where youth can discover their passions and develop a sense of belonging while pursuing their personal and educational goals.

At the Y, we are dedicated to providing a space where youth are supported to make good decisions, form healthy habits, and find a sense of belonging.  Setting the foundation for a healthy lifestyle at a young age is crucial. Kids at this age are discovering who they are, and we want to ensure they’re set up for future success through an active lifestyle. This is our motivation for the 7th Grade Membership Initiative and providing FREE Y Memberships to all 7th graders

  • Keep students active and engaged
  • Increase physical and mental wellness
  • Develop healthy exercise habits, including safety and proper technique
  • Socialize with peers in a safe, supervised environment
  • Encourage involvement in community events and volunteer projects
  • Establish a sense of belonging, achievement, and relationships building 
  • Have fun!

The Free membership is available the summer prior to the 7th grade year through the summer following the student’s 7th grade year.  (June 1 prior to new school year through July 31st following the school year)

  • Membership begins: June 1 prior to entering 7th grade
  • Last Day to Join: May 31 of year ending 7th grade
  • Membership expires: July 31 following 7th grade year (before beginning 8th grade)

Qualifying students will:

  • Be a 7th-grade student in the upcoming/current school year
  • Attend the mandatory membership orientation with parent/guardian
  • Complete the YMCA Youth Fitness Orientation program before accessing the fitness floor
  • Agree to abide by the YMCA Code of Conduct
  • Access to all 7 YMCA of Greater Birmingham Membership Branches
  • Use of Fitness Center, Open Gym, Group Exercise Classes & Swimming Pools 
  • Special events and recreational activities exclusive to program participants
  • Member pricing for Y programs


  1. Attend a mandatory membership orientation with your parent or guardian at your local YMCA.  Please click HERE to schedule a 7th grade orientation or for more information
  2. After attending the orientation, you will receive all the information to Join Online and set up your Youth Fitness Orientation.
  3. Parents unable to attend a scheduled orientation meeting should contact their local branch for alternative options.
  4. *For existing Y family memberships with 7th graders
    1. Register and Attend parent/child orientation via links below 
    2. Join Online for your student for the Free 7th grade membership using the instructions from the Orientation – thus creating a separate and free membership account for your 7th grader
    3. If the 7th grader is the Only Dependent on the paid membership, request a downgrade to Adult(s) only during the 7th grade school year via THIS form.
    4. At the conclusion of the Free 7th grade membership year, you will be contacted with options moving forward for your 7th grader to continue in membership at special Teen membership rates or added back to a family membership

FAQ & Code of Conduct

As a student benefitting from the 7th Grade Membership Initiative, I understand that I am expected to:

  • Consistently exemplify the four core values of the YMCA of Greater Birmingham character development: caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.
  • Follow the safety rules outlined by the YMCA including age requirements for certain spaces at the YMCA. This includes saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools and certain fitness equipment.
  • Speak respectfully and be kind to fellow students and members.
  • Not use my cell phone and/or any recording device to record fellow students and/or the greater Y community while accessing the Y.
  • Safeguard my personal items in a locked locker and do my part to create a safe environment.  I understand that Y is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • Complete the Youth Fitness Orientation before using the fitness center.
  • Take a swim test before swimming (valid for 3 months)