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Youth Sports



Hit the court with the folks who invented the game-the Y! Our recreational basketball program is available for boys and girls ages 3-17. Every player gets placed on a team regardless of skill level and our dedicated volunteer coaches teach valuable life skills to players such as sportsmanship, responsibility, and hard work. Our players receive 50% playing time during games and practice on weekdays with games on Saturdays. Come play with us this winter!


3-17 year old BOYS/GIRLS


Registration 10/6 - 11/03/19
Practices Starts 11/11/19
First Game is 12/7/19


 3 and 4 year olds: $100 member/$130 non-member                                     5-17 year olds: $110 member/$150 non-member
 Downtown/Northeast Youth Centers: $100 member/$130 non-member

*Scholarships available

3-4 Year Olds
This league focuses on developmental skills such as small dribbles, passing, and catching. Shooting is taught as well with an emphasis on proper form. Offense and Defense are touched on, but not mastered at this level.

5-6 Year Olds
This league adds faster footwork and dribbling skills. Shooting is taught with a pass-catch-shoot technique. Rebounding is touched on, but not mastered at this level. Offense and Defense are taught by set plays and zone formations.  

7-8 Year Olds
This league focuses on faster paced game play with accurate shooting form mastered. A pass-catch-shoot technique is taught with pace and dribbling technique is mastered with both hands. Offense and Defense is played by both man and zone formations.

Ages 9 and Up
These leagues show more skilled and faster paced basketball games and practices with shooting, offense, and defense mastered. Footwork is still being developed, but focused on precise ball handling movements and moves. Players interested in trying out for school teams focus on skill development for special drills and set plays to prepare for school seasons.


Our Players
Every player is placed on a team and coached by a volunteer. There are no try-outs or cuts. Our goal is that each participant will play at least half of each game. All players will have the opportunity to play different positions in the game if the sport allows.

Volunteer Coaches:
Our YMCAs rely on the help of our volunteers to deliver the best experience for our youth in all our sports. They are the direct link between players and the inshaping the quality of the sports YMCA. They support the league directors in shaping the quality of the sports program and communicate to parents on a regular basis. All of our coaches undergo yearly background screenings, safety courses, and child abuse prevention courses to ensure the safety of our young players.


At the Birmingham YMCA, all sports programs follow the YMCA mission. We believe that if we focus on good sportsmanship, individual development, and are helping players develop healthy spirits, minds, and bodies, we have bettered our communities and youth as a whole. The YMCA focuses on caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility as our four core values to teach a child good sportsmanship. Players develop all their skills, from dribbling to teamwork to catching and throwing. They see the benefits of being healthy and active and build relationships with peers in a recreational environment. Giving youth the opportunity to develop in a safe and competitive recreational space where valuable life skills are gained is what our youth sport programs do for our community.

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