Membership assistance

Membership assistance

Ready to reactivate your Membership?

If you have recently canceled (in 2020) and you are ready to get back to the Y, you may easily request your membership to be reactivated without completing the Join Process again.  Click HERE or email  There is No Activation/Join Fee during this time. 

Need to make an adjustment to your current membership? 

The following options are available regarding your membership:

1. Continue with your membership and begin visiting again when you are ready. You may also use the above contact points to request an upgrade/downgrade of household members and other account changes. 

2. We don't want to lose you! But, if you are not ready or able to continue your paid membership, you may request a cancelation of membership.  As always, memberships canceled in good standing may be easily reactivated with-in 6 months of cancel date and have the $50 Activation/Join Fee WAIVED.

Haven't been an active member in awhile?

Visit HERE  to Join Online or submit a Membership Inquiry.  You will receive a follow-up email soon after joining with your check-in barcode and other helpful information to assist in your return (or new membership) to the Y.

Membership is just the beginning of belonging

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