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Childcare director, FRED HATCHER

Friday Night Lock-ins

Errands to run?  Dinner Plans?  Just Want to Relax at Home?  
We've got you covered!
Sign your kids up for a Lock-In at the Y.  They'll enjoy a fun, evening with friends, dinner, wild games, and so much more!
October 26th
December 7th
February 15th
April 19th
Time:   7:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Cost:   Members $25, Non-Members $35
What To Bring:   Swim Suit, Towel, Tennis Shoes, Sleeping Bag, Pillow



After School Academy

Childcare Director, Fred Hatcher

You can register online or in-person, by appointment only.  
Email to make an appointment.  
We do not prorate any month of ASA for days missed (holidays, teacher work days, absences).  Our fee is based on the total cost for 1 school year of ASA divided into 10 equal monthly payments.

Cost: $57 per week for members/$85 per week for non-members

(4) 9-week sessions, 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm, + 2-week holiday sessions

30 MINUTES of:
READING- 4 days a week
MATH, SCIENCE- twice a week
WRITING- every week
HOMEWORK SUPPORT- 4 days a week

Schools We Serve

• Paine Elementary (Trussville)
• Cahaba Elementary  (Trussville)
• Magnolia Elementary (Trussville)
• Hewitt-Trussville Middle
• Clay Elementary
• Chalkville Elementary
• Clay-Chalkville Middle
• Kermit Johnson
• Margaret
• Springville Elementary
• Pinson Elementary
• Kermit Johnson Elementary

After School Info Sheet, One Per Child (even if registered online)
Must be turned in within 2-weeks of registration
Recent photo of your child (Unless we have one on file from Summer Day Camp or After School 2018-19) 
Draft Payment Must Be Set Up
Payments will be made through a draft system, and payment is due on the 1st of each month.  A draft is our only method of payment unless you pay in full for the year up front. 


Research shows that children who participate in After School Programs are:

More successful in academics
Maintain more positive behaviors

After school academy at the Y is specially geared to achieve results!

Comprehensive, age-appropriate, engaging care, focused on eight core content areas:
Arts and Humanities
Character Development
Health and Wellness
Homework Support
Math and Science
Service Learning
Social Competence and Conflict Resolution
The YMCA has recently adopted The Y’s Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Standards for Early Childhood and Afterschool Programs. These standards, when implemented fully, will show the Y’s commitment to being one of the largest and healthiest providers of early childhood education and afterschool programming in the nation.
Running late to pick up your child from After School Academy? 
Need to relay a message to our counselors? 
Contact Fred Hatcher, or 655-5644
Or the Welcome Center Desk 655-2224 

Please Note: 

The YMCA of Greater Birmingham Trussville Branch WILL NOT pick up in the event of emergency early school dismissal.  For safety reasons, we don't put our buses on the road in severely inclement weather situations.  

After School Calendar

The 2018-19  school year   Trussville afterschool care  

When school is out the Trussville Branch provides all-day programs. We follow the Trussville City, St Clair County, and Jefferson County school calendar when planning all-day programs. We will not offer all-day programs on Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the Friday after, and MLK Day. We will update the website with information on our all-day programs.


Jefferson County

St. Clair County

Trussville City Schools

September 3rd

September 3rd

September 3rd

October 8th

October 8-10

October 8th

October 26th

November 12th

October 9th

November 12th

November 19-23

November 12th

November 19-23rd

December 20- January 3rd

November 21-23

December 19th

January 21st

December 14th (dismissal at 12)

December 20th – January 4th

February 18th

December 17th -31st Xmas Break

January 21st

March 25-29th

January 1-2

February 18th

April 19th

January 14th & 21st

March 11th


February 18th

March 25-29


March 25-29

May 24th


May 23rd (dismissal at 12)

May 27th





Kindergarten Readiness Program (KRP)

Kindergarten Readiness Program 

Times Monday- Friday  8:30 a.m-12:30 p.m

Details kindergarten readiness program for potty-trained children ages 3-5.

Cost ( per month)
$115 / 5-day $85.00  3-day  YMCA members
$165/ 5-day $135/ 3-day Non-members

Financial Aid is available



Learn & Play

Drop & Go

Birthday Parties

Fill Out A Party Request Form to check dates/times and a Member of our Staff will respond to your party request within 2 business days!

More Coming Soon!

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