Spiritual Enrichment

Spiritual Enrichment

The YMCA was founded as a united commitment to answer human needs with human good - to put Christian principles into practice by developing a healthy "body, mind, and spirit". When we are strong, it is our obligation to meet the needs of those who are weak. The weak will at some point be restored to strength and the strong will at some time, need the love and encouragement of the newly strengthened.  Whether you are strong or weak at this point in time, the YMCA Spiritual Enrichment Team is available to you.

Text your request for prayer or encouragement to (205) 515-3939 and you’ll be connected with one of our Chaplains:

  • Aubrey Miller - YMCA of Greater Birmingham Sr. VP of Spiritual Enrichment,                                                         Lead Pastor - Faith Church Oxmoor Valley

  • Peggy Sanderford Ponder - YMCA of Greater Birmingham Chaplain, Licensed Counselor, Therapist - Children's Hospital

  • Michael Davis - YMCA of Greater Birmingham Champlain, Pastor - Christ Church PCA

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