Parent’s Guide

November 15th - Pre-Registration Begins

Pre-Registration is only for returning families.

December 17th - Registration for the General Public begins

Plan ahead and set your Summer 2019 calendar early! 

Parent Resources 

Camp In Touch: Photo and E-MAIL sERVICE

You can access this on the top of any page on our website. This button allows you to make payments, get required forms, upload forms, update information and review your selections. You can login to your account day or night at your convenience.    

Additionally, this page is where you can purchase CampStamps and Photos. 

CampStamps - These allow you to send your camper oneway e-mails while they are at camp. These are printed twice a day and handed out at lunch and dinner. Each CampStamp allows you to send 1 e-mail. This is much quicker than snail mail and allows you to write to your Cosby camper each day! 
You can purchase this resource starting at $10 
Camper Photos - Camper photos are uploaded daily each Session Monday through Friday. You are welcome to look through them at any time. You are welcome to order a print or digital download of photos from your child's session. Parents can access photos from their camper's session until December 31st each year. Rates for purchasing photos can be found on your CampInTouch page. 
Please Note: We try to capture an image of every camper each day, but this is not always possible due to the amount of activity happening all over camp. We cannot accommodate special photograph requests at this time. 

cAMPiNTouch: Camper Forms and Waivers

All Camper forms are available through your CampInTouch account once your camper is registered. Required forms are noted and due 2 weeks PRIOR to check in to avoid a late fee of $35. Through CampInTouch, your camper's forms are downloaded for completion and then uploaded directly to your account. This assures that your originals remain in your safekeeping, and the information is safe and secure and tied directly to your camper. 

Required forms: Physical ExamHealth History, Camper Information and Departure for Pick Up (located in FAMILY FORMS) at the BOTTOM of the Forms section. Please also submit the Immunization Form (form provided or Health department issued) and a copy of your child's Insurance Card. The Transportation form lets us know how and who will bring your camper to camp so that we can make plans for those who need airport/bus terminal pick up. 

If you have questions about forms or using CampInTouch, please contact us at or 256-268-2007

*Please note forms are due two weeks prior to check in. There is a $35 late fee charged for forms that are turned in late. 

The Parent Handbook and OTher Documents 

This is a handy tool for all campers and their families. You’ll find information about changes, check in, check out, the health center, communication policies and more.     

Sleepaway Camp Parent Handbook 


Weekend Camp Schedule 

Daily Schedule 

Packing Check List

Rags and Leathers Program

Cancellation Policy

Came tuition MUST BE PAID in FULL prior to check-in (first day your of your camper’s session). The $150 deposit is totally non-refundable. If your camper becomes ill or injured and cannot attend camp, a physician’s statement will potentially allow a partial refund of any fees paid or the option of transferring your camper’s fees to another session in the current year or to the following camp season.    

YMCA Birmingham Camp Cosby reserves the right to cancel any program. Should such an event take place, all fees are refundable or transferable to the next available camp session. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Camp Meals - What can my camper expect? 

The Dining Hall is a staple of the camp experience. At YMCA Camp Cosby we pride ourselves in having a fun, interactive and character building dining experience in a family atmosphere.

Seating – Campers sit at the same table as the other campers in their cabin and their counselors for each meal.

Family Style Meals – Meals are plated and set on the table for campers to pass, share and enjoy. This allows the campers to spend their time enjoying each other’s company instead of standing in line. Counselors eat each meal with their campers and enjoy meals as a time to talk and connect.

Salad Bar/Other Options – Each meal has many options. Along with the main dish, a salad bar is offered. At breakfast, salad bar consists of fruit, yogurt, and granola. Lunch and Dinner salad bar consists of vegetables and salad fixings. No one goes hungry at Camp Cosby. If a camper cannot find something they enjoy their counselor will work with the kitchen to make sure everyone has something satisfying to eat. Please note: Dietary Restrictions and special meal needs must be communicated in advance on your camper application.

Kitchen Patrol “KP” – Each meal one camper from each cabin is on Kitchen Patrol. This is known around camp as “KP" and is a part of our character development at camp. This camper will be responsible for setting the table, asking the other campers if they are interested in more when a dish is emptied, taking that dish to the kitchen to be refilled, filling the water pitcher and taking items up to the dishwashing station at the end of the meal. Campers love being the KP because they get to have extra responsibilities and they get to take care of their cabin.

Consolidation – This is the time in the meal when we clean up the table. Each camper helps stack plates, clean up their area and take items to the dishwashing station.

Songs and Dancing – The Dining Hall is an area of great excitement at camp as well as a place to eat. After everyone has had their fill the Dining Hall will burst out in songs, chants and some of our favorite dances. Don’t worry if your camper doesn’t know the songs and dances yet because returning campers and counselors love to teach these to our new campers.

Sample Menu  

What are Cosby's facilities like?

At YMCA Camp Cosby we take pride in our property and facilities. We maintain our facilities year-round to ensure our guests have a safe and comfortable experience with us. The best way to experience camp is to visit for an Open House or Family Event, but if that is not possible please click on Camp Map and Facilities to see what we have to offer. 

How do I know my child will be with their Cabinmate Request?

We allow up to three cabinmate requests at Camp Cosby. Cabinmates must be in the same village and the same gender in order to accommodate these requests. Most cabinmate requests are easily honored. If we are not able to accommodate a cabinmate request that is within our guidelines you will be made aware by phone or e-mail prior to your session. 

How can we stay connected to Cosby Year Round? 

Click the links below to learn about our Family Days, Open Houses, Retreats, and Outdoor Classroom Program. 

Cosby Retreats

Cosby's Outdoor Classroom  

Family Events

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