Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


You know the Y. 
You know us as the place where you learned to swim, or where your kids first played team sports. You know us as the place where you work off stress and those extra pounds you don’t really need. You know us for our personal trainers, who urge you to do just one more rep, or for our group exercise classes like barre,  Zumba, Pilates, and yoga that help keep our hearts and minds in shape. You know us as a place where 50 laps in the pool are morning therapy and ten minutes in a sauna after a hard workout is pretty near a perfect moment. 

But you may not know the Y behind the Y. You may not know about the disadvantaged children we teach to swim for free or the after-school care we provide to families who have no other options. You may not know the Y that provides summer camp to kids who’ve never seen a lake, never been off “the bricks,” or the Y that helps senior folks who don’t have access to good healthcare look after their bodies. We’re the Y. And we’re the Y behind the Y. 

Thank you for ensuring the success of The Why Behind The Y Annual Giving Campaign


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