Y Get Horizontal? Redefine Your Body with Full-Scale Horizontal Conditioning


Y Get Horizontal? Redefine Your Body with Full-Scale Horizontal Conditioning

Y Get Horizontal? Redefine Your Body with Full-Scale Horizontal Conditioning

by Jean Bowick

Unlike many strength-building, resistance-training workouts, the weight used for horizontal conditionally is mostly your own. Props and fancy equipment aren’t required for this widely popular – and highly efficient – specialized, core-building program.

What it does take, however, is grip, grit, and iron-clad determination.

A challenging mix of muscle training, Pilates and yoga, horizontal conditioning is a full-body workout designed to target and tone your frame from head to toe. Focusing effectively on core strength, props are added in only for extra resistance, but the entire workout basically centers around horizontally oriented muscle training, using your own body weight as the bulk of the resistance during each intense, instructor-led session.

“Get ready to tone your body from the inside out. Muscles you never knew you had will start to pop,” says Sandra Koulourides, M.S., R.D., founder of the innovative Fuel + Fitness® & Horizontal Conditioning® programs. “It tones your body from head to toe... especially your core. A strong core not only looks great, but it also improves performance in any sport.”

Horizontal conditioning has a full range of resulting benefits, including improved endurance, physical strength, overall fitness, and lean (mean) muscle definition. It’s important to start out slowly – don’t overdo, and don’t get discouraged. Horizontal conditioning classes are highly demanding, but if you stick with it over time, your results could be matchless.

“Today the class is much more horizontal than a traditional vertical strength-training class,” Sandra continues. “Horizontal Conditioning truly is a one-of-a-kind class everyone who wants to be strong and challenged should try.”

Are you ready to strengthen, tone, and redefine your physique? Find your best horizontal conditioning class by checking in with your local branch. Or simply visit our handy class-finder to get started: www.ymcabham.org/class-finder. To learn more about the benefits of horizontal conditioning, visit http://ow.ly/dy0E30gd8wi#YStrongBham  #Core Strength  #TotalDefinition

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