Why The Y? Because Every Child Deserves A Fighting Chance


Why The Y? Because Every Child Deserves A Fighting Chance

Why The Y? Because Every Child Deserves A Fighting Chance

My name is Victoria, and this is our Y story.  I am a wife and mom of two beautiful, strong and talented children. One lives for her time winning awards in gymnastics - and one is alive because he is a YMCA superstar.

A year and a half ago, while our 11-year-old son James was in the hospital, we were told by doctors that because his blood would not clot, he wasn't expected to live more than 12 hours.  The rare bone marrow disease (HLH) had taken hold of his body; already weakened by a combination of diseases we've dealt with his entire life.

James was born with multiple chronic health problems that had caused his immune system to weaken, muscle tone to deteriorate and crushed his self-confidence. We typicall see 4-5 doctors a month all over the country in efforts to define and address his combination of health problems. But it's his progressive mitochondrial disease that is our daily worry.  It is life-long and aggressive.

After almost losing James last year, one of his specialists recommended that James work with a personal trainer to increase his stamina, build muscle and overall strength to give him a fighting chance the next time there is a complication. Our friends at the Hoover Y were quick to help - physically and financially.  They introduced us to Paul, a Personal Trainer, and provided James with a scholarship to help with the fee.  With 2-3 workouts per week, his progression has been nothing short of miraculous.

Only 20% of children with HLH survive even 2 months. James has gone a year and a half and is now free of that disease.  He loves Paul ad his time at the Y. He has gone up 4 levels on the machines and increased his workout time by 30 minutes.  We have even been able to drop a liter of his daily IV fluids recently. It is incredible watching his progress as he grows stronger and more confident - ready to take on each new day.

Thank you Hoover YMCA!

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Posted by Jennifer Neil at 2:30 PM
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