Want Your Kids to Make Better Grades? Try Sports!


Want Your Kids to Make Better Grades? Try Sports!

Want Your Kids to Make Better Grades? 

Try Sports!

By Jean Bowick

Physical exercise can make your kids smarter. According to research, regular physical activity appears to help children focus, improve their cognitive skills, boost learning retention, and even increase brain growth. So children who are physically fit are quicker on their feet, in more ways than one.

As published in an article by ParentingScience.com, kids who are physically active have quicker reaction times during testing, and make faster, more extensive (and more accurate) mental assessments. Studies of these children show an increased growth of the hippocampus, the region of the brain associated with memory. So even if physically active and sedentary kids should perform similarly on a given test, the physically fit children consistently display better retention of the same material the next day.

Several studies have revealed that adding regular intervals of exercise – either before, during or after school – improves students’ executive function, the type of brain activity that helps us focus, filter out extraneous information, dispel distractions, switch between tasks more efficiently, and mentally strategize.

This is especially great news for kids with ADHD. By participating in regular aerobic activities, students suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can actually modify their brain performance to improve their self-discipline in the classroom.

What does this all mean? At the very least, regular exercise improves our kids’ overall physical fitness and encourages healthy habits from a young age. Mentally, regular exercise improves their early cognitive development, attention and focus, intellectual dexterity, and memory retention. The results of all these benefits include better grades in school (particularly in the areas of math, reading, and spelling), improved analytical/decision-making skills, and best of all, happier, outwardly engaged, self-confident kids!

At the Y, we have tons of FUN physical activities to get your kids involved in (and excited about!) physical fitness, including summer camp, day camp, sports camps, swim lessons, Afterschool Academy and so much more. Contact your local branch for specific offerings and schedules. #YStrongBham #HealthyKids #SmartKids

To learn more about the benefits of exercise on learning, visit www.parentingscience.com/exercise-for-children.html

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