Vestavia's Bubble is BACK!


Vestavia's Bubble is BACK!

Vestavia's Bubble Makes Its Return

YMCA of greater Birmingham Vestavia branch aquatics director andy gray shows off the branch's new bubble
By Jennifer Neil

The YMCA of Greater Birmingham Vestavia Branch is taking the first steps to install a new bubble cover or dome for the outdoor pool to be enjoyed during the cooler months of the year.

In October 2016, while the Y was raising the bubbles for the six branches with outdoor pools, enabling those members to swim year-round, a storm came through Vestavia, destroying the branch’s bubble. "Straight line winds literally ripped the bubble to pieces," said Susan Becker, Executive Director of YMCA of Greater Birmingham Vestavia Branch. "No one was inside and we had taken the appropriate precautions inside the branch, but it was a very scary time for everyone."

Although members of the Vestavia branch were unable to use the pool during the winter months, the Y has taken steps to ensure that the pool will be available beginning this fall. “We have invested in the Vestavia Branch and the community to provide swimming and year-round fitness,” said Becker. “It’s really a win-win for the community and the branch to be able to maximize pool use.”

The new bubble was custom made for the Y by Yeadon Air Supported Structures in Minnesota and was shipped to Birmingham in April. “The air is heated along with the water which makes for a comfortable winter swimming environment,” said Lane Vines, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the YMCA of Greater Birmingham Association Services Office. “Since our other branches have indoor pools it is not an issue, but the bubble is truly a great investment for branches like Vestavia.”

The new bubble was installed this month for a test fit and will be ready for full use in November 2017. The pool is now open for outdoor swimming.    

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