Top 5 High Protein Foods To Boost Your Metabolism


Top 5 High Protein Foods To Boost Your Metabolism

Top 5 High-Protein Foods For Your Metabolism

By Joe Crowe

Everybody needs more protein, whether you’re eating giant hamburgers at state fairs like on Food Network shows or carefully balancing your vegan lifestyle like, well, other Food Network shows.

For women, the recommended daily allowance of protein is 46 grams. For men, the recommended daily allowance of protein is 56.

That’s about as much as two larger burgers or four or five chicken drumsticks, but it’s still not enough, according to a 2015 study in the American Journal of Physiology—Endocrinology and Metabolism. That study showed that those who ate twice as much as their recommended allowance found it easier to maintain and build muscle.

Check out the top 5 high-protein foods, thanks to Eat This, Not That!

1. Tempeh (16 grams per half cup) Tempeh is made from soybeans rather than soymilk. It’s closer to a whole food and keeps more of its protein—50 percent more than tofu.

2. Vegan protein powder (15 to 20 grams per scoop) A 2015 study showed that patients who ate higher amounts of vegetable protein were less susceptible to metabolic syndrome. So eating whole foods from vegetables and supplementing with vegan protein powder is one of the best methods to keeping extra weight off.

3. Halibut (22 grams per 3 oz. fillet) This fish provides one gram of protein for every 4.5 calories. 
Other fish high in protein are snapper, perch, and cod. But only halibut provides the opportunity to make the terrible pun “just do it for the halibut.” 

4. Turkey breast (26 grams per 3 oz. serving)  Chicken breasts only have 16 grams for a 3-ounce serving. How do you like that, chickens? Who’s the best bird on the table now?

5.  Slow-roasted pork loin (28 grams per 3-oz. serving.) 
Pork and beef are similar in protein amounts, but pork loin is awesome because it tastes great barbecued on low heat, roasted in the oven, or in a slow cooker for hours. Oh, yeah.

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