The Wonders of Massage - Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Rock, Ahhhhh...


The Wonders of Massage - Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Rock, Ahhhhh...

The Wonders of Massage – Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Rock, Ahhhhh……

By Jean Bowick

As far as any health-related “treatment” goes, the soothing effects of massage therapy – at the gifted hands of an oh-so-qualified professional – inarguably produce the most immediate (and enthusiastically appreciated) results from patients eagerly approaching the venerable massage table. 

With centuries of interdisciplinary practice and widely embraced, restorative virtues, “massage” is an art of rare value – an age-old tonic for the body and soul, a heavenly gift to the strained, stressed, depressed or drained.

Thankfully, massage therapy is far from the prohibitively expensive, elite spa experience we daydreamed about in cubicles of yesteryear, hunching over our recycled desks and pounding away on ancient keyboards. 

Today the healing benefits of massage are as widely accepted as they are available. Depending on your preference (and pocketbook), you’ll find a vast variety of venues and techniques. Corner salons, gyms and chiropractors now offer massage as a regular “side-item” service, much the way – on a smaller level – many hairdressers often include manicures and pedicures brokered by rent-a-space specialists. 

That’s not to imply in any way that massage therapy is not appropriately licensed and thoroughly respected in the professional field of physical rehabilitation – nor to diminish the very real medicinal boost experienced by massage proponents in various stages of recuperation and recovery. 

Massage is a do-good, feel-gooood, guilt-free form of physiological, muscular, and emotional therapy that requires absolutely no effort from us (as clients) beyond the hourly fee and 60 minutes of semi-naked, blissful relaxation. But let’s not mistake the minimalistic ease of our input to the highly rewarding value of the output.

Here are just a few of the surprising, holistic health benefits that research has finally credited to the classic rubdown (in all its various forms) – undeniably the most relaxing, restorative, peaceable, and FUN “whole-person” therapy around today:

• Injury-onset & chronic pain management, including fibromyalgia

• Cardiac restoration & blood circulation

• Healing & rehabilitation following bodily injury

• Improved, sustained sleep, vital to health & wellness

• Whole patient wellness through a unique, holistic approach

• Flexibility & increased range of motion, particularly after joint replacement

• Behavioral health regulation & advancement

• Recovery from stress, anxiety, PTSD & disorders resulting from substance abuse

• Reduced muscle tension, stiffness, fatigue & delayed post-exercise soreness

• Enhanced athletic performance

• Faster healing from injury & reduced risk of further injury

As wonderful as the massage experience is, it may not be for everyone. Consult your doctor before booking a massage if you have any of the following conditions:

• Bone fractures

• Blood clots or DVT (deep vein thrombosis)

• Blood thickening or blood-thinning disorders (medically induced or otherwise)

• Burns or open, healing wounds

• Pregnancy

• Osteoporosis

To learn more about the many rewarding benefits of massage therapy, visit For detailed information regarding associated health risks before investing in a massage package, visit

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