The Power of Perspiration - Get Ready To Get Sweaty!


The Power of Perspiration - Get Ready To Get Sweaty!

The Power of Perspiration – Get Ready to Get Sweaty!  

By Jean Bowick

It’s not pretty, and the aroma is far from appealing, but there are many fine merits of working up a good old-fashioned, all-out sweat. In fact, if you stay sufficiently hydrated, there’s almost no such thing as too much sweat… regardless of what your work-out buddy may say.

Sweating is beneficial to our bodies in a variety of ways. Since heat is intrinsically therapeutic to sore and aching muscles, amplifying our own body temperatures – to the point of requiring perspiration – carries its own (and unique) array of invigorating health benefits. When it comes to working out, “no sweat” is “no good.” Express your sweat!

Here are a few reasons to make good friends with the sauna, steam room, and sweat-inducing cardio:

  • Pain Relief. Intense exercise is a natural painkiller, and dripping sweat helps alleviate chronic pain caused by joint injury and muscle aches.
  • Clear skin. Perspiration opens up your pores and releases dirt and other impurities that cause acne; however, make sure to shower off after your workout to remove those impurities from the surface of your skin.
  • Toxin cleansing. For a great system detox (including cholesterol redemption), jump on an exercise bike or join a high-intensity aerobics session to maximize your sweat output.
  • Happy thoughts. Elevating your body temperature during exercise triggers your brain’s temperature circuits, which can help balance mood swings, reduce stress, and enhance positive thinking.
  • Kick the cold. Sweat is a natural sanitizer, killing off bacteria and other pathogens that cause colds and other common ailments.
  • Keep your cool. Sweating cools us off when we get too hot, regulating our body temperature and protecting us from overheating… and potentially passing out.
  • Strong bones. Research shows that regular, high-energy exercise participants secrete more salt in their sweat and preserve more calcium in their bones.
  • Kidney sweep. By sending salt to the skin and blocking calcium from the kidneys – in addition to prompting us to increase our fluid intake – sweating helps us avoid (really painful) kidney stones.

So when you’re hitting the gym, get ready to get sweaty! The best workouts for health and fitness often produce the most perspiration. So don’t sweat the sweat!

To learn more about the benefits of sweating, visit, or simply talk to a Y personal trainer at your local branch. If you are not already a member and would like to join the YMCA of Greater Birmingham, please visit to enroll today. #YStrongBham  #GetReady  #Get Sweaty!

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