The Best 10 Minute Workout - Wherever You Are!


The Best 10 Minute Workout - Wherever You Are!

The Best 10 minute workout - wherever you are!

By Jean Bowick

We totally get it. There are days when you just can’t get to the gym. The weather is terrible; your kids are sick; or you just can’t find the motivation to get out of the house.

Be encouraged!

We’ve got good news. In just 10 minutes, you can get a great workout without leaving the comfort of your living room…or at least without leaving the room. Because for about 9.5 minutes you’re not gonna be real comfortable.

However, in this really short span of time, you can perform a solid, full-body workout, using your body weight for resistance. You’ll feel so much better afterward, and over time, you’ll start seeing the difference in your workouts – and in the mirror.

Just bring yourself

“We love a workout that you can do anywhere, with no equipment necessary,” says Anna Renderer, certified Personal Trainer and Youth Fitness Specialist. “It’s only 10 minutes long, so you can easily squeeze the workout into your busy day. … These are pure body-weight exercises, and you can do them anywhere.”

Below is a list of 12 key moves for an awesome, short-time workout – we recommend selecting at least 10 per session (about a minute per move):

1.  Shoulder circles – Arms extended, make broad circles forward then backward (alternating which arm is closest to the body) to warm up and stretch your upper body.

2.  Hamstring stretches – Bend slowly forward over one or both legs to loosen your muscles, improve hip flexibility, and relieve pressure from your lower back.

3.  Lateral plank walk – In plank position, “walk” two steps to each side, engaging your core, abdominals, and shoulder muscles.

4.   Rainbow plank – From plank position, drop to your elbows and roll your hips slowly to each side, toes in place, exhaling and working your obliques on each upward pull.

5.   Push-ups – A classic, but just as effective as ever. You know the drill.

6.   Reverse lunges – Taking one step backward, dip your back knee to the floor and bring your opposite arm forward (keeping your weight on front heel), to strengthen your lower body, core, and balance.

7.  Burpees – Hands steady on the floor, hop backward with both feet (to push-up position); do one push-up; hop forward with both feet; lift arms and jump up! (Your entire body will feel this one.)

8.     Reverse fly – On your stomach, arch shoulders and legs off the floor (think: “butterfly”), arms extended outward, thumbs toward the ceiling, squeezing the muscles between your shoulder blades. This one’s great for your posture and pairs well with chest-building exercises (an essential combo).

9.     Runner’s crunches – On your back, arms at 90 degrees, slowly roll up off the floor, bringing up one knee at a time to meet the opposite arm; pause; then slowly roll back down and repeat with opposite knee, working your entire abdominal wall.

10.  Triceps dip and bridge – Sitting on the floor, knees bent, heels on the floor and hands behind you, extend your elbows and push your hips up off the floor to form a level bridge; coming down, bend your elbows and drop your butt (gently) to the floor. This move will strengthen your triceps, upper body, glutes, and hamstrings.

11.   Creepy crawlers – Starting in regular push-up or elbow position, bring one knee around to meet the corresponding elbow; repeat on other side. Keep your hips stable, but really press through the move for maximum toning of abs and obliques.

12.   Calf raises – With your feet several inches apart, slowly lift up on your toes, stretching up high, then lowering your heels almost to floor. (Use a wall or doorway for balance.) To increase resistance, try it on one leg.

Remember, you can make modifications and adjustments to almost all of these exercises to meet your current fitness level. For extra help (including visual demonstrations), check out Anna’s “10-Minute No-Equipment Home Workout” video, or simply ask your YMCA Healthy Living Director or Personal Trainer.

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