Teach A Child To Swim and They will Help Another Learn!


Teach A Child To Swim and They will Help Another Learn!

Teach A Child To Swim And They Will Help Another Learn!

The Hoover YMCA Branch's certified swim instructors teach Birmingham's youth the life-long skill of swimming from Kindergarten through the 8th grade. Sophie Schuman, age 12, has been on the Hoover YMCA swim team since 2014. Recently her younger brother Max, age 7, joined the Y's Beginner group as a non-swimmer. Once Max began swimming Sophie immediately began showing up during his practice times and helping the Beginner group's coach!

Now, Sophie has progressed to volunteer coaching with the Y's youngest kids about once a week by encouraging them and getting into the water to help them develop their strokes. It is amazing to see how a child may learn from another when they are learning by example. We at the YMCA of Greater Birmingham take pride in teaching our youth how to give back and help others using the skills they have. We are so thankful for Sophie’s help and encourage her to continue and become one of our certified swim team coaches in a few years. 

Posted by Loyd McIntosh at 9:26 AM
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