Power & Performance Foods


Power & Performance Foods

Power & Performance Foods

By Jean Bowick

Widely trending in the health circuit these days is the topic of inflammation. More specifically, how it hurts us and what foods will help us fight it. Inflammation that accompanies injury may be localized to the wounded area. But a poor diet, among other factors like stress, can contribute to chronic inflammation throughout the body, presenting a host of potential problems to anyone trying to lose weight, become more active, or maintain heart health.
Joint pain is one of the most common effects of inflammation. If you suffer from aching joints, you know how difficult it is to exercise when you’re hurting. According to a recent article published by Eat This, Not That! chronic inflammation also promotes weight gain, fatigue, bloating, and a variety of ailments, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. A diet rich in certain healthy, natural foods, however, can help our bodies fight chronic inflammation, restoring healthy levels of probiotic bacteria to fight bloating, weight gain, and fatigue.
Many anti-inflammatory foods are probably already in your cabinet or refrigerator. Blueberries, red peppers, beets, broccoli, raw honey, black beans, whole eggs, spinach, and tomatoes all pack a powerful punch in the fight against chronic inflammation.
Several spices also made the anti-inflammatory list: ginger, garlic, turmeric, and rosemary. Other beneficial foods in this category include wild salmon, oysters, pineapple, raw oats, dark chocolate, green tea, chia seeds, and bone broth.
If we make better choices with the foods we eat, we’ll find ourselves losing weight, feeling better, and potentially, living longer. Eating well is an investment that pays off! High performance feels good!
To learn more about the many health and weight-loss benefits of anti-inflammatory foods, click here

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