No More Excuses - There’s A Fitness APP For That!


No More Excuses - There’s A Fitness APP For That!

No More Excuses - There’s A Fitness APP For That!

By Jennifer Neil

It’s the truth! There are literally thousands of health and fitness apps available to help you with everything from getting paid for sticking to your fitness goals, guided meditation to help you de-stressing, discovering workout and motivation groups, ensuring you stay hydrated every day.  Health and wellness companies and app developers have teamed up to create mobile apps for fitness tracking, healthy eating, vital signs tracking, sleep, meditation, and so much more. But the number of health and wellness apps available for download can be overwhelming.

To help you get started, we've compiled a list of some of the most useful health and wellness apps currently available. Most of these apps offer a basic version for free, while others charge a fee to unlock the full set of features.

  1. Waterlogged 

How much water have you had today? Yesterday? A week ago? Health and wellness experts recommend drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water every day. It’s the minimum needed for daily function and well-being. The Waterlogged app can provide you with charts and reminders to drink water throughout the day. One more bonus: You can also integrate your daily hydration into your Fitbit logs. Waterlogged basically does everything but physically drink the water for you.

  1. Mindbody

The Mindbody app allows you to find fitness and wellness services in your home community as well as in foreign territory while traveling. With a few clicks, it’s easy to book your spot in a yoga, Pilates, or group exercise class nearby, or maybe even a salon or massage appointment. With MINDBODY, you can read reviews about studios and instructors, sync classes to your calendar, and connect the app with your Fitbit to view workout activity data.

  1. Pact (Make cash for being active)

Would you like to earn money for sticking to your exercise goals? Pact is an app that lets users earn cash for being active, paid for by members who don’t. To start, you’ll make a weekly pact to exercise more or eat healthier and see how much you’ll owe other app users if you don’t reach that goal. Money can be a good motivator for some people, and users are notified of their earnings or losses each week. You can also connect Pact with other apps such as MapMyRun and MyFitnessPal as well.

  1. Headspace (Meditate anytime, anywhere)

Committing to a meditation routine can be hard, but the Headspace app makes it easier with guided meditations that take the guesswork out of calming your mind. It breaks meditation sessions into easy, 10-minute increments to help you improve your focus, relieve stress, and be more mindful throughout the day.

  1. Yonder (Get physical outdoors)

A great app for outdoor enthusiasts, Yonder helps users discover and share outdoor trips based on interests and location. You can see what others have written about, and view photographs of g locations near your home or where you're traveling. Hiking, fishing, kayaking, skiing, and rock climbing are just a few of the activities that you’ll be inspired to do while using this app.

  1. CraveMate (Control your food cravings)

The CraveMate app can help you control food cravings to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Users start by establishing goals and setting reminders, and then the app encourages you to resist cravings by expressing yourself creatively with captions, photos, and videos. You can even share your journey and progress with friends and family on social media.

7. YMCA Of Greater Birmingham
Last, but not least, is the YMCA of Greater Birmingham's app. Our app allows users to view a weekly schedule of all group exercise classes at all Birmingham-area locations, push notifications for branch announcements, and the ability to register for programs straight from your smartphone. And, it's free! 


Posted by Jennifer Neil at 12:25 PM
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