I'm Priscilla, And This Is The Why Behind The Y


I'm Priscilla, And This Is The Why Behind The Y

I'm Priscilla, And This Is The Why Behind The Y

As a busy senior with several health issues, not only is finding time to exercise a problem for me but so is finding the right WAYS to exercise. I'm a double amputee, but I'm not one to back away from a challenge, so I was excited about the opportunity to work out regularly, improve my health, and maximize the wonderful life I've been given at the Trussville YMCA.

 When I joined the Trussville Y, I tried everything. I dedicated myself every day to perform exercises that were difficult for me to do, and I cut myself very few breaks. 

Because exercise is so vital to my quality of life, I've worked hard to strengthen my core muscles and limbs. Every step of the ay, the Trussville Y staff has been there for me anytime I've needed special assistance - for example, when I recently decided to become a swimmer.

Swimming is particularly challenging for a person without feet. It took several lessons to get my bearings in the water, but I finally got the hang of swimming forward and backward.

This summer, I received my swim legs. What a joy to swim freely and touch the bottom of the pool! I feel powerful, confident, and stronger than ever.

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Posted by Jennifer Neil at 11:41 AM
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