5 Little Things You Can Do To Help With Weight Loss


5 Little Things You Can Do To Help With Weight Loss

5 Little Things You Can Do To Help With Weight Loss

By Joe Crowe

Those of us who are working on losing weight are often focused on the big picture, that big number that we’re trying to hit. But focusing on little details can help a lot.

Here are five “tiny tweaks” that can get your weight loss out of first gear, thanks to NutritiousLife.com.


1. Start each meal by drinking a full glass of water.

This helps you feel full, as well as telling you whether you were really hungry or if you’re just thirsty.

2. Get a hobby when you watch TV.

Binging on Netflix is also a good time binge on a bag of potato chips. Keep busy instead by doing a puzzle or stretching or other little exercises.

3. Hot food is hot.

Add some piping hot food to your meals such as soup. The hotness of the soup keeps you from eating too fast. Take a minute. Let it cool. Sip it. Pause to reflect on how you are avoiding third-degree soup burns.

4. Veggies first.

Finish your veggies first to avoid filling up before you get to the healthy stuff.

5.Carry a toothbrush.

Brushing your teeth is good advice regardless, but brushing right after a meal will make going for sweets a less tempting proposition. Minty freshness turns otherwise delightful dessert flavors into a big mouthful of yuck.


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