Congratulations, Trey!


Congratulations, Trey!

One Man's Inspiring Story

The Safety Around Water Program at the YMCA of Greater Birmingham Youth Center shifted its focus this week as dozens of adults faced their fears and took their first steps toward fulfilling a life-long dream: learning how to swim. For many adults throughout Birmingham, the support and resources just weren't available for swim lessons when they were children. Water safety, however, is a valuable life skill for any age, regardless if one is five, 45, or 75. One of the best stories of the week is a man named Trey.

On day 1, Trey was placed in the group for beginners. He was nervous and did not like putting his face in the water at all. He was also afraid to stray away from the wall in the, even in the shallowest part of the pool. By day 3, however, Trey accomplished his goal of learning how to swim, able to float on his back and swim unassisted!

When asked why he wanted to learn how to swim, Trey said he was tired of being on the sidelines and that he wanted to conquer his biggest fear. Quite simply, it was the time he learned how to swim. After all, Trey's son is enrolled in the Y's Safety Around Water program, so how great would it be if they could swim together.

"I am a big believer that I can do all things through Christ and I feel Him in the water with me, guiding me through," Trey said. "Nothing can keep me out of the water now."

Congratulations, Trey, on your achievement. 

Posted by Loyd McIntosh at 8:51 AM
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