Building Champions One Bright, Summer Day At A Time


Building Champions One Bright, Summer Day At A Time

Building Champions One Bright, Summer Day At A Time

By Jean Bowick

As long as three hot months separate one school year from the next, kids will LOVE summer. Swimming, playing outside, weekday fun with friends – these are all grand additions to the simple joy of just being out of school.

Small wonders. No matter how long these long days might seem, they pass by in a moment – whisking away the golden years of childhood in brilliant, fleeting flashes. In seemingly no time at all, your toddlers are pre-teens, and already looking at colleges.

Get an early start. To help your kids make smart decisions down the road, start them off early. Keep them engaged mentally and physically from a young age.

According to research backed by Johns Hopkins University, most kids actually want to participate in summer programs that help them prepare academically for the upcoming school year. STEM-based activities at Summer Day Camp, for example, allow kids to work together in a FUN environment, collaboratively strengthening their skills in science and math, while inspiring creative problem-solving techniques.

In addition, research has shown that activities involving physical exercise, like sporting and outdoor adventures at Summer Camp, can help children focus, boost their learning retention, and even improve cognitive skills.

Making the most of them. We have precious few summers with our children, while they’re children. Let’s make the most of them. Recent research reveals a wide gap between the material kids learn in school and the real-world skills they’ll need in life. To help your kids succeed in the future, make sure they have the tools to get a good start.

“Some of the skills necessary to become successful adults are communication, collaboration, creativity, leadership, socialization, and problem-solving,” writes Jess Michaels, Director of Communications for the American Camp Association (N.Y. and N.J.), citing research conducted by The Partnership for 21st Century Skills. “All of these areas are fostered in the camp environment.”

YMCA of Greater Birmingham offers a variety of Summer Day Camp programs based on your child’s grade level and interests. In addition to our Traditional, Aquatic, and multiple Sports Day Camps, we also have several Specialty Day Camp programs (available at local Y branches and Hargis Retreat), including Art, Fishing, Rock-climbing, Cooking, and Outdoor Survivorship, just to name a few.

Stepping out. Many kids will experience these activities for the first time at Camp. Outside their regular social groups, day-campers will practice leadership and build self-confidence. They’ll bravely learn new skills – and discover others. They may even find their life’s calling just by trying something different.

Close to home. Camp can be a big step. If sleepaway camp is too much of a leap for your child this year, Summer Day Camp offers the perfect solution. At YMCA’s Summer Day Camp, young campers enjoy the benefits of regular camp participation, but they get to spend every night at home with their families. Counselors are in close contact with parents throughout the program, providing updated activity schedules and achievement reports.

 Summertime awaits, but not for long!

Registration for YMCA Summer Day Camp ends April 30th! To reserve a place in Summer Day Camp for your child – at Hargis Retreat or at your local Y branch – register online today or

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