And The Winner Is...YMCA Member Jarry Taylor


And The Winner Is...YMCA Member Jarry Taylor

And The Winner Is...

YMCA Member Jarry Taylor and his ymca personal trainer chris mcbride

Meet Jarry Taylor, YMCA Downtown Branch Board member, YMCA member for 35 years and power lifter! Jarry just competed in the U.S.A. Power Lifting Association’s Tri-Star Fitness Classic and broke the Alabama state record in all three weight-lifting events. He has never competed before and had only been weight training for 1 year.


Jarry, 63, has been working with personal trainers for 20 years and is in excellent physical shape. Regular PT sessions with a circuit training focus at the Y and his rigorous weekly routine of several games of racquetball, tennis and golf have kept him in great condition. So how does physical fitness get any better? Enter Chris McBride, certified YMCA Personal Trainer.


Chris’ expertise is barbell and strength training and he competes regularly in power lifting competitions across the country. He knows the great benefit that weight and strength training can have on other sports and areas of fitness and the impact it has on achieving the “next level”.


After shifting Jarry’s workouts to bench press, dead lifts and barbell training for a few months, Chris challenged Jarry to enter the upcoming competition in six months. “He showed me what the Alabama State records were in the three lifts USAPL does at all meets--squat, bench press and dead lift--in my age and weight categories and told me if I trained for the meet he thought I'd have a chance to do well.” Chris encouraged him and Jarry accepted the challenge. What followed was a solid six months of commitment to training for one maximum effort.


The United States Powerlifting Association conducts local, state and national meets in age and weight categories. Not only did he compete well, he broke the Alabama state record in all three events, records which have stood for three years.

Additionally, his weight and percentage of body fat is down 4 points (below 20%, which is great for a 63 year old male). He has also added 5 lbs of muscle to his body mass. “My doctor was very complimentary and asked what I'd been doing, which I was happy to tell him. I work out at The Y!”
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