3 Healthful Ways To Kick off Springtime


3 Healthful Ways To Kick off Springtime

3 Healthful Ways to Kick Off Springtime

By Joe Crowe

Spring cleaning is a good time to get a fresh start on some healthful habits that will serve you well during the warmer months, says Dr. Jennifer Brown, MD, a family medicine provider at AllinaHealth.org. https://www.allinahealth.org/Components/Templates/HealthySetGo/SingleArticle.aspx?id=36507232184


1. Eat dinner together.

Simply sitting down at the dinner table with your family can roll back your levels of anxiety and stress, The Atlantic reported. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/07/the-importance-of-eating-together/374256/  

Students who don’t eat dinner with their parents regularly are more likely to be truant at school—and 40 percent more likely to be overweight than those who do eat with their family, The Atlantic’s report said.

The dinner table is a place for community. Besides, how else are you going to keep up with the gossip at your kids’ school?

2. Add one vegetable or fruit to every meal.

Get creative, Dr. Brown says. Dump some bananas in breakfast cereal. Add a tomato to a sandwich. Roast some carrots to go with your pot roast. Or meatloaf. Or… wow, we’re really getting hungry.

3. Reduce screen time, increase exercise time.

Now that spring has sprung, cut back on screen time by 30 minutes, and replace those 30 minutes with exercise time, Dr. Brown suggests.

Taking walks together, riding bikes, even dancing in your living room are all good ways to take advantage of warmer weather. You could also clean out your closet and take on other spring-cleaning activities. That counts as exercise. But hey, riding a bike gets you far away from all that.

By coincidence, we happen to know an awesome place to exercise (it starts with a Y.) YMCABham.org


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