20-20 FAQ

20-20 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if my friend cancels their membership?
A: You will have a 30-day window to recruit a new buddy to maintain your 20/20 rate. If you are unable to confirm a new buddy within that time frame, your monthly rate will return to your original membership rate.

Q: What if I have an annual membership?
A: To benefit under the 20/20 rate, both members will need to be on monthly draft – annual membership will need to convert to monthly draft for either member to qualify for the discount.

Q: What about new members? Can they also take advantage of this program?
A: New members may immediately refer another new member after they have been successfully processed for membership on monthly draft at a Citywide membership rate plan.

Q: Can a current member terminate and rejoin with another current member under the 20/20 program?
A: Qualifying new members under the 20/20 program must have been inactive for at least 30 days.

Q: If I no longer qualify for a current discount, and I have a friend that is a current member of the Y, can they recruit me as their buddy?
A: Current members cannot recruit other current members to be buddies. You will need to refer someone who is not a member in order to be eligible for the 20/20 program.

Q: When will my referred member rate go into effect?
A: As a current member, your 20/20 rate will take effect on the next available drafting cycle after your buddy joins and has satisfied all requirements. The 20/20 rate will go into effect for the New Member on the next billing cycle where full/Citywide dues apply (after the prorated payment).

Q: If I invite multiple buddies, do I receive additional rate reductions for each buddy that joins?
A: No. Members will be eligible to receive one reduced rate per membership, regardless of how many of their buddies join. Each of the buddies you refer will be eligible for the 20/20 rate. Having multiple buddies join will give you assurance to remain in the program in the event your 1st buddy cancels.

Q: Can all of my family refer friends?
A: Yes. However, the 20/20 program allows one price reduction with each membership.

Q: If I currently have a membership that offers more of a discount to me than the 20/20 Program, can I still invite a buddy and let them receive the 20/20 rate?
A: Yes. As a Y qualifying member, you will be able to refer your buddies to join and they will receive the 20/20 rate as long as they elect monthly draft and are paying Citywide rates and you pay by monthly draft and are in good standing.

Q: What if someone who pays the full standard rate refers someone who qualifies for and chooses an alternative (not 20/20) discounted membership? 
A: The current member does not receive the 20% savings since referred member is not a full pay member.

Q: I am currently receiving a membership financial scholarship. Can I refer a friend to this program?
A: Yes. Should your referral decide to join they will receive the 20/20 membership rate for Citywide dues for the membership category they select. Your membership will remain at your standard scholarship rate or be reduced to the Member Referral rate for your current membership type, whichever is less. 

Q: Can my referral come from a member of another YMCA Association?
A:  No, as the 20/20 Member Referral program is unique to the YMCA of GREATER BIRMINGHAM, qualifying referrals must come from an active YMCA of GREATER BIRMINGHAM member

Q: Can Silver Sneakers or Silver and Fit members refer new members to be a part of the 20/20 program?
A: No. Both are welcome to refer members to the Y however, to be a part of the 20/20 program, both buddies must be on a monthly draft.

Q: What if a member on the 20/20 program goes on hold?
A: If a member qualifies for a hold, both buddies will remain on the 20/20 program. However, the 20/20 discount will not be extended by the length of the Hold nor to the $10 Hold fee.

Q: What if a staff member refers a new member? 
A: Staff referrals are not eligible for the 20% savings. 

Q: If the standard rate of membership changes, how will this impact my monthly rate?
A: The 20/20 rate is based 20% off the standard rate. If the standard rate changes, the 20% off rate will adjust according to the new standard rate.

Q: Does the 20% discount apply to the Activation Fee and/or prorated dues?
A: No, the 20% discount applies to full standard monthly dues once approved for the 20/20 program.

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