Y Experience: Floyd Escott and Massy Allen


Y Experience: Floyd Escott and Massy Allen

YMCA of Greater Birmingham members Floyd Escott and Massy Allen know first hand the importance of having a workout buddy. The two gentlemen began exercising together two years ago after discovering they had mutual friends in common, soon becoming fast friends themselves. 

Floyd and Massy workout five days a week at the Downtown Y, participating in water aerobic classes, swimming, walking on the fourth-floor track, and weight lifting. They both say working out with each other not only keeps them motivated but has deepened their friendship while helping them stay healthy. 

“By getting together every morning like this, doing water aerobics and being retired it gives me something to look forward to every day,” says Massy. “We come down here work have a good time working out together and joking with each other.”

“We’re not too competitive with each other,” adds Floyd. “We just like the workout and trying to stay fit and healthy.”

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