POUND Away - It's A Rockout Workout


POUND Away - It's A Rockout Workout

POUND away - it's a rockout workout

By Jean Bowick

We’ve seen a lot of flashy fitness trends, but this class is just a little bit different.

Drumroll, please!

It’s called POUND®, a creative new workout conceived just a few years ago by two female (very athletic) drummers from Hollywood. At the time, Carrie Ekins, one of the founders, was confined to a wheelchair. So they infused a cool mix of motivation with inspiration and innovation – and topped it off with drumsticks.

It’s a full-body cardio workout that combines yoga, Pilates, and fast-paced interval sequences, set to the beat of a power-pumped musical score. Specially crafted, lightweight plastic drumsticks (called Ripstix®) accompany every move, adding a dimension of resistance and contraction to each exercise that works every muscle you bring to the class.

Hard-to-beat benefits

One of the benefits of cardio interval workouts is that it helps you continue to burn fat, even after class is over. The high momentum of the workout is a terrific mood enhancer that can improve mental focus and cognitive clarity while fighting depression – along with diabeteshigh blood pressure, high cholesterol – and high poundage.

In fact, POUND creators claim you can burn up to 900 calories an hour in this fast-driving, hard-rocking, FUN fitness class.

The mantra of POUND vibrates with 60’s-style activism, idealism, and an undying love of rock ‘n’ roll: “As a community, we believe that we have the ability to inspire a nation, to turn the fitness world on its head, and to truly find alternative ways to ROCK. We aspire to change minds before bodies and use beat and alternative movement to launch people to new heights of self-worth, happiness and human connection. AKA, release their INNER ROCKSTARS.”

Lost in the music

According to the founders’ website, “After you’re done rocking out in a 45-minute POUND class, you’ll have completed up to 15,000 reps, performed over 30 extended interval peaks, and zipped through more than 70 techniques without even realizing it.”

While sculpting and toning your body, the rhythmic aspects of POUND can also improve anxiety, chronic pain and fatigue. The vibration effect allows you to feel what your muscles are doing while you’re drumming and moving with the music. While syncing your movements to the driving, drifting beat of each song, you’ll also improve your coordination, agility, endurance, rhythm and timing (which they say is “everything”).

Gimme a beat

Are you ready to get started? Just ask your branch manager about POUND Classes available at your local Y, or visit our handy YMCA Group X Class Finder.

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Posted by Jennifer Neil at 11:24 AM
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