Enjoy The Boundless Benefits of Free Weights!


Enjoy The Boundless Benefits of Free Weights!

Enjoy the Boundless Benefits of Free Weights

By Jean Bowick

We don’t work out just to look good at the gym. Pumping iron is hard work, and the muscles we build are more than a badge of brawn. They’re the source of our strength – and the power behind every task we’re determined to conquer each day, from the ambitious and visionary, to the utterly, insanely mundane. Eh, c’ést la vie.

Exercise prepares us for the assorted mix of real-world responsibilities heaped regularly onto our plates. And since life doesn’t make uniform demands, our training should supplement – and vary – according to the mix.

So basically, sometimes we need to step away from the machines.

While weight machines are a great resource for targeting and toning specific muscle groups, free weights when properly embraced, bring a lot more bite to your full-range fitness regimen, and also to the subsequent “real-life applications” we’ve been training to handle all along.

Here Are a Few of the Great Fitness Benefits You Get with Free Weights:

Training is Functional – Offers you free range of movement across multiple planes of motion, much the way you would apply these skills (with improved strength) in ongoing, real-life tasks.

They Burn Serious Calories – By expanding the plane of motion during exercise, you’re engaging more muscle components simultaneously, torching more calories with every repetition.

They’re Mega-Efficient – Since free weights are not affixed to any machine, your range-of-motion options are wide open for your training program. Stability can be a key factor in performing these sets well, which requires several groups of muscles to work together to help your body maintain balance while strengthening several key areas.

They Strengthen All-Around Balance – Besides working more muscles simultaneously, free weights let you work more muscles together, in coordination. The weaker side doesn’t get to coast through a set of challenging machine reps, carried along by the strength of their other, more dominant limb. In free weights, each limb pulls its own weight, reducing the imbalance.

Reduced Risk of Injury – One of the best ways to prevent training injuries is to even out muscle imbalances that up till now, have been compensating for the weaker side. Free weights remove this crutch, and over time, allow both sides to develop muscle tone and strength equally.

If you’re ready to venture over to the “other side of the mat,” we think that’s great! Don’t worry if it looks like everyone else seems to know what they’re doing; a YMCA staff member will be happy to show you the ropes, or perhaps even connect you with a helpful workout partner.

If you have not yet joined the Y and may need financial assistance for you and/or your family, please visit ymcabham.org/financial-assistance to learn more about our financial aid options.

To learn more about the mighty power behind free-weight lifting, please visit http://ow.ly/kKgO30cMPQG.  #YStrongBham   #LiftFree!   #NoBoundaries

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