Cooking Classes at the Y


Cooking Classes at the Y

Now Serving: FUN & Healthy Cooking Classes

by Jean Bowick

Water Safety Classes for this summer have just kicked off at the Youth Center, but the 10-year-old facility is brimming with all kinds of cool activities, including Summer Day Camp, Sports Camps, Birthday Parties, Swim Lessons, Dance Classes, Arts and Crafts, and an Outdoor Walking Track.

But what’s NEW on the menu at the Youth Center this year is the Healthy Cooking Class. Each month 10 participants benefit from the tasty, culinary rewards of a cooking class taught by a professional chef in the Youth Center’s fully equipped teaching kitchen. At this month’s class, participants got to make – and eat! – Apple Cranberry Walnut Salad, Ground Turkey Sweet Potato-Stuffed Peppers, and for dessert, Banana Split Bites rolled in dark chocolate with nuts. These dishes were not only healthy and delicious – but also sweet, savory, easy-to-make alternatives to boxed frozen dinners. 

“I think the coolest thing is we just began having the classes,” said Keesha Nelson, association Community Health Director. “I’m looking forward to growing the program and seeing how we can make family nights, church nights, couples nights, college nights, team nights, team building... WHATEVER. I think the participants take away something new that they may have NEVER tried and learn that healthy can taste good too!”

So which delightful dinner will the class prepare next month? It’s always a topic of special interest to folks lingering outside the classroom…but you’ll have to register to find out! The classes are just $5, but spots are limited, so register early. “It’s a learning experience for us all,” said Keesha. “Next time I will add the grocery list and the cost so participants can see how affordable these meals can be, and how to make adjustments to the menu to fit their personal budgets.”

The classes are very welcoming, and everyone gets to participate, making these sessions not only informative but FUN! To find out more information, or to register for the Healthy Cooking Classes, contact the Youth Center at (205) 324-1643. To learn more about the Youth Center’s other special programs, visit  #LiveHealthy

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