5 Easy Ways to Reset Your Diet


5 Easy Ways to Reset Your Diet

5 Easy Ways to Reset Your Diet

By Joe Crowe

Are you a "yo-yo" dieter? Do you constantly find yourself in "re-start" mode because you had a "cheat day"? Well, there are some basics you should remember that can help you stick to a diet if you commit them to habit. Registered dieticians provided to Time magazine five ways to reset your diet.  http://time.com/5179590/easy-nutrition-tips/  They’re quick, and they’re literally as easy as sitting down at a table.

1. Not all fat is bad fat.

Unsaturated fats such as omega-3 fatty acids are the “good fats,” which have been shown to cut down on inflammation and help your heart stay healthy. “Some great options to incorporate into your meals and snacks include nuts, seeds, avocados, fish (like salmon), and vegetable oils, like olive and canola,” said Stephanie Perruzza, health and wellness specialist at KIND snacks.

2. Fiber is your friend.

“People should ultimately aim for seven to ten servings of fruits and vegetables each day. That may seem like a lot, but it’s actually very doable if you are including vegetables and fruits at each meal,” said Mascha David, a Los Angeles-based dietician, in Time’s report.

3. Keep up with carbs.

“I speak to lots of folks who choose carb-free meals, like a green salad with chicken for lunch, and then are left feeling low-energy, distracted and craving a cookie soon after. We need carbs to replenish our blood sugar levels and keep us alert,” said Matt Priven, a registered dietician in Boston.

4. Watch your Hunger Quotient.

Keri Glassman, a New York dietician, describes the Hunger Quotient, a one-to-ten scale of how hungry you are. The ideal range is between four and six, Glassman said in Time’s report. “As soon as you get a hang of truly listening to your body’s hunger cues, you can feel empowered making better food and eating decisions every day,” Glassman said. (Find out more about the Hunger Quotient here. https://nutritiouslife.com/eat-empowered/much-eat-questions-answered/

5. Take a load off when you eat.

Don’t chow down while watching TV or driving or working on your computer. “This naturally helps you eat less and enjoy it more,” said Dawn Jackson Blatner, a Chicago dietician, in Time’s report.



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